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Vendor/Exhibitor Terms and Conditions:

● Vendors/Exhibitors: Duplicate businesses will not be allowed. Vendors/Exhibitors space will be reserved upon receipt of full payment.

●  Refunds: No Refunds Policy for cancellations (for any reasons) due to the expense incurred in facilitating the event.

●  No Show Fee: There will be a $10 fee for vendors/exhibitors not showing up for each event. 
●  Assignment of Space: Space assignment is made in keeping with vendor’s/exhibitor’s request, when possible.

●  Set up: Vendors/exhibitors must be fully set up no later than 30 minutes prior to start the event.

●  Take Down: Vendors/Exhibitors may not leave the event early. Anyone not complying with this rule will not be allowed to return.
●  Transfer or Sub-Letting of Space: Vendors/exhibitors shall neither assign nor sublet any part or all of the space.
●  Use of Exhibit Space: Vendors/Exhibitors may not sell or promote any goods or services other than those listed on the application. Demonstrations, sales, products, promotional material, banners etc. must be kept inside the assigned space.
●  Clean Space: Vendors/Exhibitors space must be left clean.  All trash must be picked up and properly disposed.  A cleanup fee will be charged to vendors/exhibitors not leaving their space clean. Please bring your own trash bag.
●  Solicitation: Vendors/Exhibitors are encouraged to sell their products/services and promote their business by distributing business cards, brochures, etc.  Vendors/Exhibitors are allowed to solicit to others. 
● Liability: We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods or items. We are not responsible for any injury sustained by vendors/exhibitors, their employees or guests.
●  Noise: Vendors/Exhibitors must keep the noise in their space to a reasonable level as not to disturb with other vendors/exhibitors and their customers.
● Use of Images: By submitting an application, you authorize us to take pictures or videos during the event for the promotion and post them on our platforms.
● Not Allowed: Walking past the event site to advertise, pass out samples or distribute flyers is not permitted at any event.
● Alcoholic Beverages: Vendors/exhibitors will not be permitted to sell or serve alcoholic beverages of any kind. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate and permanent expulsion from the event.
● Taxes: Vendors/Exhibitors are responsible for reporting and paying sales tax.
● Behavior: A professional demeanor (no loud or harsh voices) shall be maintained at all times to keep the event productive. Personal attacks, foul language, and sarcastic comments will not be tolerated.  Vendors/Exhibitors must respect others’ opinions and allow everyone to be heard.
● Unloading/Parking at Eagle Landing Events: Vendors/exhibitors are permitted to unload their vehicles along the curb, with the exception of the entrance road.  Once the vehicles are unloaded, the vehicles must be moved to the designated parking area. 

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