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SSEP is excited to invite you to the Sunshine Smiles Toy Drive & Business Expo. The main purpose of these fundraising Expos is to bring smiles to those unfortunate children from our community. We will be collecting toys in July and distribute them in December. Sunshine Smiles Toy Drive & Business Expo is an event that is designed to bring the community together for the effort of delivering family fun as well as providing business opportunities to local businesses. Showcasing your products and services at our Expos can provide many benefits in terms of sales, developing new business relationships, and saving time and money. 

We organize and facilitate the following:

● Opportunity to showcase a wide variety of options for attendees and businesses to engage and interact with each other.
● Opportunity to market your products and services Face-To-Face.

(When it comes to influencing a decision, nothing can compete with face-to-face interaction. It helps you to close the deal quickly versus sending an email blast or sharing online the latest sales promo.) 
● Opportunity to convert attendees into leads and leads into clients.
   (Each attendee of the event is a potential lead waiting to be captured. The target audiences result in direct sales opportunities.)
● Opportunity to generate sales.  Sales shouldn’t be lost because you didn’t showcase your products or services. Don’t miss out on that sale!
 Our Events are Cost-Effective Networking and Advertising.

Working together opens new horizons of endless possibilities for our future and the future of our community.  

Please consider choosing the Sunshine Smiles Toy Drive & Business Expo as your charity of choice. 

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We are looking forward to having a great turnout at these events. We are encouraging everyone to promote the events as much as possible. The promotion of the events is a team effort by both the organizer as well as the participant and your assistance in this effort is critical to its success. Always remember that the greatest marketing efforts can only be successful with your participation. It has been said that “It takes a village to raise a child” whereas in business, “It takes a collaborative effort from all of us to grow and succeed”.


Thank You For Your #Love, #Support, and #Generosity!

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