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Sunshine State Endless Possibilities is a Non-Profit organization. We are committed with our members to provide multiple benefits such as:


  • Coordinating Business Expos 

  • Creating Networking Opportunities

  • Organizing Educational  Workshops

  • Offering Promotion and Publicity


We have a commitment to delivering high quality services to our customers and members of the community that we serve. Our goal is to exceed all expectations while taking pride in all that we do. We routinely assess our marketing and promotional campaigns in order to identify areas that we can improve. We act promptly, enthusiastically, and professionally to serve member interests. The commitment to excellence is something that we strive to achieve daily.


Vision: To create endless possibilities to businesses and increase their economic and social benefits.


Mission: To create a path that educates, informs, and inspires businesses to achieve their full potential and increase their footprint in the community.


Our business expos and networking luncheons take place in an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere for the specific purpose of bringing a little Sunshine into the lives of all who attend.


What important outcomes are we looking to achieve from these events?


Explore (Expand your mind and know that anything could be possible)

Magical (Create a magical experience that will last forever)

Educate (Entrepreneurs share life experiences and knowledge to help individuals to develop achievable goals)

Healthy Mind (Encourage everyone to live healthier lives which starts with their minds)

Smile (The universal language that warms our hearts)

Join & Support (Take advantage of the opportunity to get involved and make a difference)


These events offer educational information and resources for everyone. These must-attend fun-filled events allow local businesses to share products and services that focus on the important aspects of encouraging healthy lives.


We are currently hosting events in Duval and Clay counties. Be sure to bookmark this page and share with your friends and everybody. Follow us on Facebook and sign up for our weekly email blasts to get interesting news and updates delivered to your inbox.

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