Family Friendly Fun Festivities 

Advertise your Business with Us and reap the Benefits! There are many awesome ways to get involved with us.  


Become a vendor/exhibitor today for events and workshops to grow your business!

● Spotlight speaker at our luncheons
● Be part of our referral program
● The opportunity to solicit your products or services
● Generating More Referrals
● Showcasing Your Businesses
● Marketing to Potential Clients
● Broadcasting Your Message to a Wider Clientele
● Sparking Creativity and Innovation 


Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor.  Your investment will deliver financial support to our community events and provide educational workshops and leadership development projects that will elevate our youth. 

Your sponsorship will showcase your business products and services to thousands of individuals.

Our sponsorship program provides the following:

● Recognition as a Sunshine Sponsor
● Social Media Advertising
● Speaking Opportunity During the Events
● Company Logo on Our Website
● Company Logo on Email Blasts
● Promotional Literature and Giveaway Bag Favors (provided by Sponsor)


Our youth program provides many opportunities, below are some examples:

● Community service hours to showcase on any college and/or scholarship application 
● Leadership development projects that encompass a variety of skill sets
● Certificate of Recognition
● Food while volunteering

Performer Opportunities 

Give back to your community by sharing some of your unique expertise such as:

● Teach a self-defense class
● Karate demonstration
● Dance
● Sing
● Act
● Playing an instrument
● Magic shows
● Animal shows

Event Marketing:
Our events are marketed extensively. Marketing includes:
Face-to-Face marketing including networking events, newspaper, multiple event calendars, social media, email blast & teamwork!

In addition, flyers are posted at multiple businesses. Please feel free to print out flyers and post them at your office or at your workplace.

Do you have a Facebook page or any other social media accounts? If so, feel free to post and share the Facebook event page and the flyer with the event information. 

We would like your help in publicizing our events! Please share with everyone using any platform you have.

Advertise your Business with Us and reap the Benefits! There are many awesome ways to get involved with us.  

Our goal is to elevate your company to the next level. 
Take Action Today! 

“You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.” ― Jim Rohn.