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Who Am I?

My name is Sylvia Rivera and I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I have an amazing family and an awesome group of friends.  I graduated with a BS in Business Management and a BA in Psychology.  I also completed multiple courses such as professional income tax, arts, nutrition,
social, sciences, and humanities.  I dreamed of one day having my own business only to find out it was a lot harder than I expected.

Why do I do what I do?

In my ventures of starting a new business, I was like a sponge; I wanted to know everything I could.  I attended networking events, seminars and researched many things online.  During this time, I often felt alone, with not much support from our business community or felt that the only support I could get was for a very high fee.  This was hard, especially when I was trying to just start my own business.  Going to different events/workshops and watching others share their business experiences have allowed me to learn and grow professionally. It has also provided me with an extra incentive to encourage and assist individuals by providing the same access to business and community service opportunities to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

What motivates me to do this?

I have a passion for helping others to succeed.  I looked back at my experiences, both good and bad, that I encountered when trying to start my own business and thought, what would I have needed to help my business venture more successful and supportive?  I thought that if there were such a company that could help me with marketing, networking, and participating in business expos without it costing me my life savings, it would have been a dream comes true.

Why do I do this?

I do this because I feel as a community if we share with each other our experiences and our resources, we can all be successful.  I want to provide 
a less expensive way to bring small businesses together to support the growth of our community and the empowerment of our youth.

What makes me qualified to do it?

Besides my educational accomplishments, the true qualifying factor is my passion and commitment to helping small business owners to strive and reach their maximum potential.

Why am I so passionate about our youth? 

I have 2 beautiful children that I hope to build a stronger future for, and in order to do this; we all have to be on the same page.  Our youth is a precious asset that we must embrace and support from generation to generation.    
** Our youth have a passion for what is unique and creative, allowing them to be noticed and appreciated.